Dress Code & Etiquette

Dress Code & Etiquette


It is expected that all Men’s Club members will follow and abide by the PVCC rules & dress code.  That means appropriate golf attire to be worn inside the clubhouse at all times.  Hats are to be removed and not worn in the dining room.    


Behavior and demeanor will always be respectful and courteous to those around you, whether on the driving range, the course, or in the clubhouse.    This includes being respectful and courteous to homeowners when on the course.

In addition, we encourage members to reinforce etiquette with their fellow golfers. Repeated violations by a member may result in being brought before the Men’s Club Board.  A warning from the Men’s Club may be issued and suspension from tournament events could result if an infraction is not corrected.

Please do not drop cigar and/or cigarettes butts on the golf course!
Not only is it littering but very unsightly and unsanitary.
Sunflower seeds – Do not leave the shells on the greens!