Honorary Membership



Honorary Membership

Jim Holle
Bob Long
Jim Marovitz
Sid Wertheim
George Mahi



Guidelines and Requirements:

  1. The Honorary Member must be a former Men’s Club member in good standing.
  2. The Honorary Member must be permanently “retired” from golf.
  3. The Honorary Member is invited to attend after-golf functions but must pay for his and his spouses meals at any function he attends.
  4. No dues will be collected for this membership.
  5. He is eligible to win raffle prizes at the events.


  1. The applicant must submit their request to be an Honorary Member to the Membership Chairman of the Men’s Club Board, in writing by letter or email.
  2. The Membership Chairman must take action on the request by the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting if the request is made at least one week prior to that meeting.

The Men’s Club Board reserves the right to rescind Honorary Member status at any time due to cause. The Board’s decision is final.