2016 Team Play Results

The 2016 Men’s Team

Bob Anderson, Chip Beck, Ken Bouldin,  Bob Burns, Drew Copley, Arnie Ecklund, John Empey  Gary Fox, Buddy Friedman, Harry Friesen, Mike Gendron, Don Gessel,  Steve Jaffe, Kirk Larsen, Keith Morris, , Bill Stevens, Bob Payne, Dave Patterson, Frank Rutledge, Paul Schoenhals, Richard Sulzbach, Ken Schwoerer, Al Slocum, Bill Sonnenberg, Ted Wilson & Dennis Young



 Bermuda Dunes Defeats Palm Valley 79 to 65 to Claim the Men’s Desert league Championship
On Thursday, April 7, Palm Valley and Bermuda Dunes played for the championship of the Desert League. As the champions of the two divisions of the league, the Roadrunner Division and the Coyote Division, the teams were split and half played at Palm Valley and half at Bermuda Dunes. The advantage of home course was very evident in the results. At Palm Valley the host team won 53 to 19 but unfortunately at Bermuda Dunes the host team won 60 to 12 giving the Bermuda Dunes team the title by a final score of 79 to 65.
At Palm Valley 7 of the 8 members of the host team shot scores that were net 73 or better while at Bermuda Dunes only one of our players were net 73 or better. Over all 4 of the Palm Valley team won all 6 of the available points in their singles matches. They were; Don Gessel, Bill Sonennberg, Ken Schwoerer and Keith Morris. The results are a disappointing ending to what has been a very successful season for the Palm Valley men. After compiling a 7 – 0 – 1 record in the regular season it was disappointing to lose to the 5 – 2 – 1 Bermuda Dunes group.
For any men with 16 or lower indexes who are interested in being part of the team next year watch this space and once a few details are worked out we will provide details regarding try outs, etc., for the 2017 Team.
NameJan. 13Jan.26Feb.3Feb.18Feb.22March 3March 14March 29Total PointsChampionship
Bob Anderson00
Chip Beck36463661351
Ken Bouldin36211
Bob Burns665320
Drew Copley55551550311
Arnie Ecklund603662326
John Empty246125
Gary Fox36620060234
Harry Friesen416636261
Buddy Friedman0
Mike Gendron6600113
Don Gessel3142662246
Steve Jaffe50380
Kurt Larsen6366500265
Keith Morris5265634316
Dave Patterson20316
Bob Payne565341241
Bill Stevens123
Frank Rutledge0
Paul Schoenhals3102280
Ken Schwoerer6654536356
Al Slocum5045140
Bill Sonnenberg3603616256
Richard Sulzbach65166566410
Ted Wilson4355174
Dennis Young25411


Bermuda Dunes411
Mission Hills31
Desert Island211
Desert Horizons14
Palm Valley50
PGA West42
Indian Wells31
The Springs33
Mt. View23
The Lakes23
Desert Falls05