Score Card Requirements


The PVCC members play under the USGA and SCGA rules of golf.  As such, there are defined requirements for the Handicap Chairman, the Handicap Committee and the players.  Each player will, to the best of his ability, make the best score possible on each hole played regardless of where the round is played.  

The Handicap Committee must verify that all acceptable scores are reported for handicap purposes, and that recorded scores are available for peer review. 

Each player is responsible for posting a correct (adjusted if necessary) score. The score posted must be the same as on the score card. Posting can be done on the Men’s Room computer or online. 


The scorer for each round must clearly and legibly complete a scorecard and drop the cards into the receptacle next to the computer in the men’s locker room.  Scorecards must include the names (last and first), score, adjusted score, tees played, signature and attested signature. 

Players can post their scores on-line if they so choose. However, score cards are still required to be turned in to the locker room receptacle.

Players are responsible for posting their own correct scores and failure to do so may result in a penalty under USGA Section 8-4c(iv).

Completed Round Not Posted 

Failure to post a “tournament” score may result in a posting of the lowest index of the past twenty scores in the computer. Failure to post a “regular” score may result in a posting 5 strokes below the unposted score. Consistent failure to post could result in a penalty score which could affect your playing handicap. 

Committee Responsibilities 

The Handicap Committee has the responsibility to monitor player’s compliance with the Rules of Golf to make it as fair as possible for everyone.  The Committee must be fair, firm and prepared to take action when justified.  Before any punitive actions become effective, the committee will give the player the opportunity to explain the circumstances surrounding the proposed adjustment, either in writing or by appearing before the committee.  Your handicap committee, together with the professional golf staff, is making a sincere effort to ensure a successful handicap program here at the Palm Valley Country Club.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. 

Handicap Committee


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