The “45” Invitational Who’s in? Drawing Results of January 18, 2017

There will be a maximum number of 60 teams playing in the 2017 ’45’ Member-Guest Invitational Tournament on March 23, 24 & 25, 2017.

There are 31 Grandfathered member players as of March 2, 2017 as follows:

Nick Speliopoulos
Bud Slobodian
Steve Jaffe
Brian McConnell
Neil Machlis
John Parry
Hugh Spence
Ken Bouldin
Ken Schwoerer
Richard Sulzbach
Al Slocum

Bruce McMillan
Lon Caskey
Paul Schoenhals
Arnie Ecklund
Mike House
David Martin
Ted Wilson
Robert Jackson
Bob Payne
Dennis Hall
Bill Stevens

Kent Kitchen
Bert Wicklund
Dave Patterson
Bob Pollack
Dan Brewis
Ken Tucker
Tom Takvam
John Ryan
Pete Fortenberry

There are 28 openings.  The results of the drawing held on January 18, 2017 in the order drawn are as follows:

Jim Ivy
Allen Morishita
Ian Stewart
Mike Huey
Skip Jackson
Mike Walker
Mike Haney
Chuck Huffstutter
Andy Marchewka
Trevor Buddo
Fred Bowser
Bob Engelke
Harry Freisen
Gary Fox
Mike Gendron

Mike Swartz
Dennis Young
Garth Burnside
Richard Visosky
Mickey Sholdar
Steve Marsden
Bob Kowalishin
Ron Kincaid
Mike Tucker
Bud Small
Gordon Gaddy
Neil Chernikoff
Gary Spinetti
Bill Slapin

There are 5 on the waiting list drawn in the order as follows:

  1. Brian Keast
  2. David Motloch