The “45” Member-Guest Invitational



It is with regret that we inform you that the PVCC Men’s Club Board of Directors

has voted unanimously to cancel the 2021 “45” Member Guest Invitational. This

is our biggest event of the year, and the decision to cancel it was very difficult.

However, after examining all the issues, we came to the following conclusions:

● Due to the uncertainty of the direction of the pandemic, the many

government restrictions we and our club management must adhere to are

constantly changing. Under restrictions considerably less stringent than

those we are currently subject to, it would be nearly impossible to have

social gatherings of any kind that would resemble a traditional “45”.

Frankly, those social aspects are what makes the “45” the “45”. A “45” is

not just golf – it is 3 days of intense camaraderie and social interaction.

● The golf itself would also be negatively impacted. For example, PVCC

has already announced that there will be no shotgun starts this year.

With tee times, teams would finish at varying times – up to 2 hours apart –

even using both the first and tenth holes concurrently to tee off from.

Other competitions such as the Chip & Putt and Horse Race would also

be negatively affected.

● A ‘cut down version’ of the “45” with an emphasis on competitive golf and

a virtual elimination of the social aspects was given considerable

attention and review. However, the overwhelming importance of the

interaction and social experience eliminated this option from


● The Board is very concerned about introducing 60 guests – many of

whom would be commuting from considerable distances – to the

community during the pandemic. Even if a vaccine becomes available

soon, widespread distribution and availability will take many months.

● A successful “45” requires a great deal of planning and expenditures

starting almost immediately. Although some of these costs might be able

to be moved to future years, much of the money would be lost were we to

proceed and then need to cancel the event.


During this time of such uncertainty we wanted to let you and your partners

(many of whom come from out of town) know where we stand as soon as we

made the decision. Hence the early notification.

The three days of the canceled “45” are blocked out on the PVCC golf

calendar. It is currently our intention to create a members only competition

for those days. We will inform you of the format as soon as it has been


We look forward to 2022, where we are optimistic we will meet and have an

even greater “45” to make up for the last two years when we have had to

cancel them.

7/14/20 - The "45" Invitational Golf Tournament is scheduled for March 18th, 19th and 20th, 2021!  
Gary Lennon - “45” Tournament Committee Chairman Applications are due January 4th, 2021 (tentative)

The Palm Valley Men’s Club is pleased to announce the 24rd Annual Palm Valley Member Guest Tournament, The “45”, which will be held March 18, 19 and 21, 2021.  For those of you who have played in the past, we are sure you will enjoy this year’s event as much, if not more.  For those who are new to the event, we are sure you will have a great experience.

Entry forms can be found online at the Men’s Club Website. Print, fill it out and turn it in to the Pro Shop.  All applications should be turned in no later than January 4, 2021 (tentative).  At that time, the list of all players will be determined.  I would like to add that, even though we still have a Grandfathered List of players, it has worked out in the past that anyone who wants to play has been able to get into the field.

THURSDAY, March 18, 2021 (Registration and two 9-Hole Matches)

Check in for all members and guests will begin at 10:00 am on the driving range.  We will be giving out tee prize certificates and collecting the mandatory cash buy-in monies for the additional events.  Lunch will also be served on the lawn near the starter shack between 10:00 and 12:00 noon.

The first 9-hole match will begin at 12:00 noon followed by the second 9-hole match beginning at 2:30 pm. At the end of the second match, we will be hosting a “Players Only” cocktail party in the lounge of the Clubhouse.

FRIDAY, March 19, 2021    (One 9-Hole Match, a Scramble and additional events)

On Friday morning starting at 8:30 am, a very light meal will be available outside near Bogies. We will play one 9-Hole match beginning at 9:30am.  After the round, lunch will be served in the main dining room starting at noon. At 1:00 pm we will have the 9-Hole Team 6-Man Scramble on the Challenge Course.


This is a 6-some Scramble comprised of three member/guest teams.  This year we will be playing it a little differently. The Members will play their own scramble and will count their score on each hole.  In addition, the Guests will play their own ball and will count their score for each hole. Then combine both the scores of the Members and Guests and that will be the score for each 6-some.

Payouts will go to the top three teams of each flight.  One flight will play on the front nine of the Challenge Course and the other will play the back nine of the Challenge Course. The 6-somes will be decided by the pro shop dependent on handicaps. We will have beverage carts on each side while we are playing.


NOTE:  There are no scheduled events for Friday evening. However PVCC has a great Pasta Night Dinner in the clubhouse.  Please make sure to make reservations if you plan to dine there.  The dress code is described as “Country Club Casual”.

SATURDAY, March 20, 2021 (Two 9-Hole Matches, Lunch and Dinner Dance)

On Saturday morning, a Grab-and-Go breakfast will be served outside of Bogies.  The final two 9-Hole Matches will begin at 7:45 am. Lunch will be served in the dining room at 12:15 pm.  All of the prize money, awards and raffles will be handed out during lunch, save the Overall Winner Trophy and prize money, which will be handed out Saturday night at the Dinner Dance.

DINNER DANCE — Beach and Surf Theme for attire – CASUAL.

Cocktails will start in the Main Dining Room at 5:30 pm.  Dinner and dancing will follow, where we will be awarding the Overall Trophy and Prize Money to the winners.


  1. The TEE PRIZE this year will be announced at a later date.
  2. The entry fee for this year’s event will be $700 per team.
  3. The event is open to all Palm Valley Men’s Club Platinum and National Golf Members. Guests may not be members of PVCC and must have a certifiable handicap. The differential between the member and the guest may NOT be more than 10 strokes.
  4. Team handicaps will be determined as follows:
  5. All members and guests will be handled in the same way.
  6. We will take the lowest handicap for the past 12 months and average that number with the handicap as of March 1, 2020.   This will be the handicap for all members and guests for the tournament.
  7. The BUY IN MONIES will be a mandatory $ 150 per team which will be collected in CASH at Thursday’s Registration. This includes the money for the team buy in, the scramble and the additional events.
  8. A practice round can be scheduled at any time through the pro shop. There will be no charge for the round for the guests.



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