§  Dates – Thursday, Friday, Saturday – March 18th, 19th and 20th

§  Tee Time Starts and are subject to change:
– Thursday – 7:45 AM
– Friday      – 8:00AM
– Saturday  – 11:26AM

§  Courses – Thursday- Championship Course
                  – Friday –   Challenge Course
              – Saturday – Championship Course

§  Eligibility – All PVCC Men’s Club Members with National and Platinum Memberships

§  How to Enter – On-line at palmvalley-cc.com (pvcc)

§  Entry Dates – Use Fore Tees “Events”– February 1st thru February 28th
Limited to first 80 players.

§  Entry Fee – $100 CASH Payable at The Pro Shop no later than March 5th, 2021

§  Purse – 100% will be paid out!  50% in CASH – 50% in Pro Shop Scrip Credit.

§  Tee Boxes:

§  Thursday – Championship Course

§  White Tees with GHIN of 14.0 and below as of 3/1/2021

§  Silver Tees with GHIN of 14.1 and above as of 3/1/2021

§  Friday – Challenge Course – White Tees – all players

§  Saturday – Championship Course – New MASTERS Tees

§  Teams:
– You sign up as an individual and you will be assigned to a 20 man team
– There are no flights!
– This is a (4) Team Event with 20 players per team
– Each 20 man team will be determined by the Pro Shop
– Teams will have an equal mix of Low, Medium, and High handicap golfers.
– GHINS for the Team Seedings will be as of 3/1/2021

Format – 4-Man Team event with 5 segments:

  • The first (4) play formats (Thursday & Friday) will use Gross scoring (no handicaps are used) because of the equal seeding of 4-Man Teams. Saturday’s segment is Net of Handicap. The Winning teams will be the lowest cumulative Team Scores at the end of the 5 segments.
  • Thursday – Championship Course
        – (9) holes of Two-Man Best Ball
        – (9) holes of Two Man Modified Pinehurst (Chapman)

§  Friday – Challenge Course – White Tees
– (9) holes of Two-man Scramble
– (9) holes of two-man Aggregate Score

§  Saturday – Championship Course Masters Tees

– (18) holes of Singles matches from the new Masters Tees
– Scoring is Net of Handicap
These Net scores will be added to the first four format scores

Winning Teams Purse Payouts:

  • Payouts: Assuming 80 Players sign up there will be four 20 Man Teams
  • Therefore, the purse is $8,000.
    The Winning 20 Man Team will receive $5,000 or $250/player
    The 2nd Place Team will receive $3000 or $150/player
    – T
    he 3rd and 4th place teams will have no payouts
  • All payouts will take the form of 50% CASH and 50% Pro Shop Credit
  • Food & Beverage:  If COVID restrictions allow after Saturday’s final round we will plan an outdoor early dinner similar to the luncheon we had after last November’s Opening Day Tournament.  We will advise you ASAP. This will be an additional charge to your individual PVCC account should it occur.


  • With the cup liners currently in use the ball must stay within the cup liner to be considered holed out.  If a ball goes into the cup and pops out, the ball is not considered holed out.
  • With no rakes in sand bunkers you may take relief under the following conditions
    • Before taking relief a player should ask an opponent playing partner for permission to move the ball
    • The ball must be in a disturbed area of the bunker, i.e., a foot print or sand divot, or an un-raked, unmaintained sprinkler run-off
    • Relief may be taken at the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole. 
    • If there is no point of relief, in the bunker, no closer to the hole, you may lift your ball, smooth the disturbed area with your foot and replace the ball as close to the original position as possible.
    • All balls in a bunker in a non-disturbed area of the bunker should be played as it lies.
  • Thursday (9) hole Two Man Best Ball – Championship Course
    • Each two-man team will post one gross Best Ball Score
  • Thursday (9) hole Two Man “Chapman” – Championship Course
    • Each Player will hit a tee shot. For the 2nd shot, Player A then hits Player B’s ball and Player B hits Player A’s ball. For the 3rd shot it is decided which ball is best and the Player who did not hit it plays the 3rd shot and it is alternate shot until hole out.
    • Each two-man team will post one gross score
  • Friday 9 hole Two Man Scramble – Challenge Course
    • Normal Scramble Rules apply
    • (3) Tee – shot minimum per Player per Two Man Team
    • Each two-man team will post one gross score
  • Friday (9) hole Two Man Aggregate Score
    • Each two man team will take both their gross scores and add them together for their score on that hole.  I.E., if Player A scores a 3 on a hole and Player B scores a 4, their score for that hole is a 7.