Summer Golf Changes effective today, June 1st:
 – Tee Times start at 6:30 AM

 – Fivesomes can be booked
 – Individual Carts (5) will be available per Tee Time

Summer Golf Memberships available at a (1) Time Payment of $1,800.
 – Unlimited Access to both Courses, Practice area & Cart use
 – May 1st – thru September 30th (5 months)

(7) new Men’s Club Honorary Members unanimously voted in:
Congratulations to the new PV Men’s Club Honorary Members:
Art Coulter
Pete Donovan
Walt Howiler
Bill Naumoff
Jerry Neft
John Palozzi
Bill Stevens
They join Bob Long and Howard Kaplan in this club.

News to Share – Food and Beverage:
If you have ideas or comments, please email Chris Tallen Men’s Club F & B director!
Email = pvfb23ctjw@gmail.com

Palm Valley Rule on “Immovable Obstructions”:
PV Immovable Obstructions are 150 yard rocks, Cart Paths, Wooden walkways, Bushes surrounding electrical boxes, Drains & Grates!
Rule – Nearest point of Relief with No Penalty = (stance & swing + 1 club length)
Note: Relief “does not include line of sight”.