Breaking News – 2021 Club Champion New Member Bryan Stahl (35 years old), a long and lanky left hander, shoots 80 – 72 – 77 for 229 and wins by 8 strokes over John Empey. Empey, (3) time club champ hung in there and shot 77 in the final round.

White Tees Flight 1 – Keith Morris shoots (79 & 73 = 152) on final round and wins by (3) strokes over Tim Cashin (155)
White Tees Flight 2 – Tom Miller turns back the clock and shoots (85 & 77 = 162) and wins by (3) over Bob Payne (165)
Silver Tees Flight 1 – Jim Jensen runs away from the pack shooting (80 & 82=162) to win by (8) strokes over steady Mike Lindblad (170)
Silver Tees Flight 2 – Robert Jackson (80 & 85 = 165) beats hard charging Roger Devries (92 & 78 = 170) 
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4/3/21 Memorial Partner’s Cup Final!
After (4) months, the Memorial Partner’s Cup ended with the team of Arnie Ecklund and Dan Wimsatt playing error free
& beating a very game Jack Boysen & Neville Le Page.  

Nicklaus Bracket Flight Finals:
Championship Flight Winners – Bouldin/Norton ($400 each) over Dobbins/Kirkley ($275 each) (3 & 2)
Consolation Flight Winners – Tons/Walker ($250 each) over Anderson/Marmion ($175 each) (2 & 1)

Palmer Bracket Flight Finals:
Championship Flight – Ecklund/Wimsatt ($400 each) over 
Boysen/Le Page ($275 each) (4 & 2)
Consolation Flight Winners – Friedman/Shannon ($250 each) over Pollack/Sholdar ($175 each) (7 & 5)

News to Share from the 
PVCC Men’s Club Board of Directors:
For the year 2021-2022 and beyond, the Men’s Club Board of Directors Elected:
Gary Doyen
Kevin Kellerman
Adam Schaller
Chris Tallen
Positions to be determined in the next (2) months.
New Board Members below are signed to a (3) year term.  Term begins June 1st, 2021 and goes to May 31st 2024.
Neil Machlis has graciously stayed on for (1) more year as Treasurer

Handicap News from Chairman Gary Lennon and Committee members Chuck Bija and Bud Slobodian:

The newly-restructured  Handicap Committee consists of Gary Lennon (Chairman), Chuck Bija and Bud Slobodian. With the Men’s Club Board’s help and direction, the Committee is hard at work prioritizing their functions – stressing issues that impact the way we play here at PVCC and the way we structure our tournaments.  All this needs to happen while maintaining compliance with the SCGA/USGA. 

The basis of having a fair and equitable Club Handicap System lies in the members’ hands. Individuals must post their scores in an accurate and timely fashion.  Since 1/1/2020 when the USGA adopted The World Handicap System (including updating a player’s index daily), a “timely fashion” means you must post your score the day you play.

A recent review of our active members shows that there are many players who are not currently posting in a timely fashion.  This may be caused by the year of the Pandemic, or the fact that you have to wear a mask to go to the posting kiosk in the Men’s Locker Room, or maybe you’re having technical difficulties with the mobile app or on-line software at home.  All of these issues can easily be overcome.  Just ask for help.  The bottom line is, as PVCC Men’s Club Members – with official GHIN indexes – it is our responsibility to post scores accurately and timely.

 Questions or comments can be addressed to Gary Lennon (631-707-4772) or (glnot49@mac.com) or the other Handicap Committee members.  


1/6/2021 – From Jim Ivy Tournament Director:
Covid-19 PVCC Sand Trap Rules:
Sand – a ball in the sand trap in a disturbed area may be moved to the nearest point of relief no closer to the hole.
Disturbed Area – an 
Unraked area, foot print, drainage wash etc. 

2021 Overseeding Date Closures

Championship Course, Driving Range & Putting Green 
·       Closes – October 4, 2021
·       Opens – November 6, 2021

Challenge Course
·       Closes – October 25, 2021
·       Opens – November 22, 2021

Chipping & Pitching Greens
Closes – November 8, 2021
·       Opens – December 8, 2021

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