Message from the Men’s Club President


Season Ending Message from the Men’s Club President –

On March 12, 2020 at 2PM, I had the unpleasant experience of attending a special meeting of your Board of Directors.  This is when everything started going downhill fast, gaining traction like a large snowball.
At that special meeting we cancelled the Men’s 45 Member-Guest and everyone knows the rest of the story!

But let’s talk about some of the good things that happened before that day.  Our improved food and beverage experience lent to the success of our events thanks to Debi and Chef.  Chris Tallen did a superb job in his first season of planning all the meals as well.  We appreciate everything the 3 of you did to make all our events the best they could be.

The Memorial Partners Cup, guided by Bob Payne and Fred Bowser, almost completed it’s 3rd season.  All players who had their matches cancelled ended up splitting the cash prizes.  Our Men’s Golf Team had a successful season winning the division with a 6-2 record, as the championship match with PGA West never took place.  This mighty team of seasoned veterans were joined by some first and second year players, Ron Bacon, Randy Stradley, Jim Montgomery and Gary Lennon who really helped make a difference this year. 

All in all, it was a very well attended and successful season. Another fine job by our tournament Chairman Jim Ivy and his committee. The Presidents Gala and the 3 G’s tournament were so popular, they filled up very quickly.  Look forward to next year as the 3 G’s will have a new look.

I would like to thank all of our Board members for their loyalty and support these past two years. A special Thank You goes out to Bill Widmer, Membership Director, for all his hard work and dedication the last several years as he steps down from his position.

Whatever your plans, be safe and enjoy your summer.  We look forward to seeing you Opening Day this fall.

Pete Fortenberry
President 2018-2020

5/9/20 – First Hole in One this summer:
Paul Kliewer – First Hole in One of his career
Championship Course White Tees played – Hole #12, Par 3 at 138 yards
White Pin placement
Club used was an 8 iron
Witnesses – Rob Ash, Jon Kalkwarf and Derek Brigden
Note: Paul (also known as Mr. 33) was the last player to hit and teed off from behind the Tee markers. His shot was flushed and was on line the whole way. The ball mark was 5 feet below the hole and rolled in. All (3) players in the group watched it go in. On the back nine, he was 3 under thru 16 then hit one in the water on 17 but salvaged a bogie when he sunk a 25 foot putt. He still shot 34. Front nine was 41 for a total of 75.


5/1/20 – Hot PVCC news as of today, May 1st, 2020, Riverside County has relaxed their Mask wearing orders:
   – Face coverings are no longer needed when playing golf or tennis
   – Social distancing requirements remain constant
   – Face coverings are
still required around the clubhouse and when picking up takeout orders for food

   – The Club asks that you have your face covering readily available
   – Employees are always required to wear face coverings

Question of the Year 2020 – WHAT IS A NET DOUBLE BOGEY?
 – The maximum score you can record for handicapping on a hole
 – A net double bogey is a score of two-over par after adjusting to a hole’s handicap difficulty (holes 1 – 18 by difficulty on a scorecard)
 – For example – If a 10 handicapper scores a a triple bogey on any Handicap hole 1-10, they can only count a double bogie on their card
 – For the remaining handicap holes 11-18, a double bogey is the maximum score that can be recorded.

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Ongoing - The Covid-19 worldwide Pandemic.

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The new HANDICAP RULES are now in effect.


Effective with the 2019 Club Championship and continuing for all future events Silver Tee players may choose to play from either the White Tees or the Silver Tees. The choice is yours on an eventbyevent basis. A popup page on ForeTees will ask for your preference. If no preference is indicated, the Pro Shop will assume you are playing from the Silver Tees.

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