Important Golf Course Opening Dates:

· Challenge Course – Reopens October 24
· Putting Green and Driving Range – Reopens October 24
· Championship Course – Reopens November 14
· Practice Facility – Closes
 October 19 – Reopens November 14

We have 12 days (October 12 – October 23) that both courses are closed  

The Men’s Club Opening Day event is scheduled for November 21.

6/1/2020News to Share – 2020-2021 Palm Valley Men’s Club Board of Directors:
Michael Swartz         President
Pete Fortenberry      Immediate Past President (ex-officio)
Jim Ivy                        Vice President & Tournament Chairman
Neil Machlis              Treasurer/HIO (hole in one)
Sheldon Smith          Secretary & Tournament Committee
Ted Wilson                 Liaison for Team & Advisory Board Greens & Grounds
Howard Kaplan         Handicap Chairman Committee
Larry Maw                  Membership Committee Chairman
Gary Lennon              45 Committee Chairman & Handicap Committee
Mike Walker               Tournament Committee


News to Share from the Board of Directors recent meeting:
Subject – Silver Tees eligibility Tournament Changes for 2020-2021 Season:
1/ The “90 rule” (Age plus Handicap >=90) has been abandoned.
   2/ Each member may decide on an event-by-event basis which Tee Box he wants to play from.
Any Tournament Player may play from the Tee Box (White or Silver) of their choice with (2) restrictions:

A/ When they register for a tournament they must state which Tee Box.
   B/ Once a Tee Box is declared, the player may not change his Tee Box selection during a tournament.


Question of the Year 2020 – WHAT IS A NET DOUBLE BOGEY?
 – The maximum score you can record for handicapping on a hole
– A net double bogey is a score of two-over par after adjusting to a hole’s handicap difficulty (holes 1 – 18 by difficulty on a scorecard)
– For example – If a 10 handicapper scores a a triple bogey on any Handicap hole 1-10, they can only count a double bogie on their card
– For the remaining handicap holes 11-18, a double bogey is the maximum score that can be recorded.

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The season is getting closer!!

Stay tuned for changing conditions.

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Effective with the 2019 Club Championship and continuing for all future events Silver Tee players may choose to play from either the White Tees or the Silver Tees. The choice is yours on an eventbyevent basis. A popup page on ForeTees will ask for your preference. If no preference is indicated, the Pro Shop will assume you are playing from the Silver Tees.