3/1/21 – Women’s Club Mixed Scramble with Men’s Club invitees is a smash hit!!
President Jan Widmer, Kathy Ivy and crew ran a great Tournament.
New members Lisa Genereux and Carol Wimsatt are very good!
Results are below – just press the button!

February 25th – Guys and Gals Tournament  Results:
Low scores dominate 2-couple scramble with Foran, Foran, Barlow & Crowley shooting net 56 in Flight 2.
Red hot Dan Wimsatt, Bielefeld with Bob and Jo Engelke win Flight 1 
New members Tom & Lisa Genereux coupled with Rick and Carol 
Perrott finish 2nd in Flight 1 
Ken & Marianne Bouldin with Dave & Jill Patterson win Flight 3 by (.5) strokes
Flight 4 – John and Sandy Parry with Fred and Robin Bowser win by 2.5 strokes

KPs were close:
#5 – Judy Baruh 4’8″ (Did Barry do anything?)
#7 – Charles (Bud) Slobodian 2′ 7″
#12 – Marianne Bouldin 7′ 3″
#17 – Mike Walker 3′ 2″


2/27/21 Memorial Partner’s Cup Updates:
Nicklaus Bracket:
Brigden/Schaller over Appel/Baruh (1 up 19)
Marmion/Anderson over Huffstutter/Perrott (4 & 3)
Ivy/Rodden over Gage/Lanzendorfer (1 up 19)
Bouldin/Norton over Gates/Rizza (3 & 2)
Dobbins/Kirkley over Valbracht/Whitmore (2 & 1)

Palmer Bracket:
Empey/Spinetti over Bacon/Payne (4 & 2)
Sholdar/Pollack over Hirschbein/Jensen (4 & 3)
Boysen/Le Page over Montgomery/Stradley (3 & 2)
Gessel/Strub over Jacobson/Kellerman (2 & 1)
Friedman/Shannon over Slobodian/Young (4 & 3)
Ecklund/Wimsatt over Friesen/Stewart (1 up)

Money List:
– Shannon still #1
– John Miller still # 2
– Spinetti climbs to 3rd
– Ivy and Lanzendorfer round out the 
top 5

Handicap News from Chairman Gary Lennon and Committee members Chuck Bija and Bud Slobodian:

The newly-restructured  Handicap Committee consists of Gary Lennon (Chairman), Chuck Bija and Bud Slobodian. With the Men’s Club Board’s help and direction, the Committee is hard at work prioritizing their functions – stressing issues that impact the way we play here at PVCC and the way we structure our tournaments.  All this needs to happen while maintaining compliance with the SCGA/USGA. 

The basis of having a fair and equitable Club Handicap System lies in the members’ hands. Individuals must post their scores in an accurate and timely fashion.  Since 1/1/2020 when the USGA adopted The World Handicap System (including updating a player’s index daily), a “timely fashion” means you must post your score the day you play.

A recent review of our active members shows that there are many players who are not currently posting in a timely fashion.  This may be caused by the year of the Pandemic, or the fact that you have to wear a mask to go to the posting kiosk in the Men’s Locker Room, or maybe you’re having technical difficulties with the mobile app or on-line software at home.  All of these issues can easily be overcome.  Just ask for help.  The bottom line is, as PVCC Men’s Club Members – with official GHIN indexes – it is our responsibility to post scores accurately and timely.

 Questions or comments can be addressed to Gary Lennon (631-707-4772) or (glnot49@mac.com) or the other Handicap Committee members.  


1/6/2021 – From Jim Ivy Tournament Director:
Covid-19 PVCC Sand Trap Rules:
Sand – a ball in the sand trap in a disturbed area may be moved to the nearest point of relief no closer to the hole.
Disturbed Area – an 
Unraked area, foot print, drainage wash etc. 

2021 Overseeding Date Closures

Championship Course, Driving Range & Putting Green 
·       Closes – October 4, 2021
·       Opens – November 6, 2021

Challenge Course
·       Closes – October 25, 2021
·       Opens – November 22, 2021

Chipping & Pitching Greens
Closes – November 8, 2021
·       Opens – December 8, 2021

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