Next Tournament is the Pasta Challenge on Friday, April 21st!
The field is limited to 100 players and books up fast!
Entries open March 31st and close April 16th at 5:00 PM.

Men’s Club Championship Final Round 3 complete:
Dane Bagnell repeats as the Blue Tees Club champion on the Championship Course with a final round 72 for a total of 218.
Mike O’Connor wakes up and fires a final round 74 to finish second at 234.
Bill Tompkins struggles all 3 rounds but hangs in there for 3rd at 237.
Pat Shannon in his 1st time in this flight finishes 4th at 239.
Justin James in 5th at 243.
Jim Montgomery in 6th at 247.
John Empey in 7th at 248.
Eric Blakely in 8th at 254.

Congratulations to Dick Sulzbach on his 12th Hole in One!
Champ course Hole #5 with a 9 iron! 

The “45” is over!
A mammoth undertaking by Eddie Munoz & team with the help of Rod (who helps any way he can), Malia, Bryan, Debbie, Chris Tallen and the rest of the PV staff!  A great success!
Overall Champions – Jack Boysen & Mike Gluyas

Memorial Cup – Semi-Final matches:
Palmer Flight:
Championship Bracket Final match:
Strub/Gessel vs Montgomery/Stradley

Consolation Bracket Final match:
Kellerman/Jacobson vs Payne/Bill Jensen

Nicklaus Flight:

Championship Bracket Final match:
Bob Anderson/Mike Shady vs Fred 
Gates/Dennis Rizza

Consolation Bracket Final match:
Sheldon Smith/Michael Swartz vs Fred Bowser/Phil Russell

News to Share:
The Men’s Club is seeking an apprentice for a position on the Food & Beverage Committee. Duties include working with Chris Tallen to learn how to plan meals and events for the Men’s Club Tournaments. 
Event and Food & Beverage experience is helpful but not required.

If you are interested, please contact Chris Tallen for more information.  cqtallen@gmail.com. 805.479.9101

Palm Valley Rule on “Immovable Obstructions”:
PV Immovable Obstructions are 150 yard rocks, Cart Paths, Wooden walkways, Bushes surrounding electrical boxes, Drains & Grates!
Rule – Nearest point of Relief with No Penalty = (stance & swing + 1 club length) 
Note: Relief “does not include line of sight”.

Hi fellow golfers,

I’m Chuck Huffstutter, Chairman of your greens and grounds committee here at Palm Valley Country Club. I would like to ask a favor of all our members and that is to watch the attached video “Golf Mark Repair”. My committee has been working hard to keep our greens looking good and rolling good. But we need help! There is a proper way to repair a ball mark on the green and if correctly done the ball mark is gone and the grass rejuvenates. If not done properly we get a brown spot in the green that requires reseeding. Please check out the attached video and help us keep the greens green and rolling true.