2-Man Scramble Results – 4 Flights with Gross & Net payouts for 1st – 4th places.
  Very close scores with some card-offs required.
* Lowest gross score was 65 by Tompkins & new member Ken Watson who won Flight 1 gross.
* Boysen/Doyen shoot net 58.5 to take F-1 net
* Kellerman/Feinberg shoot a 70 & win F-2 gross
* Erickson/Lanzendorfer shoot a net 62 for F-2 net
* Sheldon/Sheldon (John-new member) shoot a gross 69 & win F-3 by 4 strokes
* M. Nelson/Wimmer shoot a net 57.5 and win F-3 net by 4 strokes
* Rizza/Walker – Many thought Dennis Rizza would be out of gas because of the Calcutta he MC’d the night before. They shot 71 to take F-4 1st 
* Marchewka/John Miller shot net 57.5 & edged Helin/Webster by 1 shot in F-4

* There were (5) net scores in the 50s
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Memorial Cup update – Brackets & results from the “Calcutta Auction” coming soon!

December 15th – Holiday Challenge (4-person scramble) – Sold out!! – See Tournament Information Sheet (TIS) below for more information.

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Hi fellow golfers,

I’m Chuck Huffstutter, Chairman of your greens and grounds committee here at Palm Valley Country Club. I would like to ask a favor of all our members and that is to watch the attached video “Golf Mark Repair”. My committee has been working hard to keep our greens looking good and rolling good. But we need help! There is a proper way to repair a ball mark on the green and if correctly done the ball mark is gone and the grass rejuvenates. If not done properly we get a brown spot in the green that requires reseeding. Please check out the attached video and help us keep the greens green and rolling true.