Memorial Cup 2022

              Palmer Flight Winners                             Nicklaus Flight Winners                           Palmer Consolation Winners                 Nicklaus Consolation Winners

       Gary Lennon & Paul Kliewer                      Don Feinberg & Ness Cohen                      Buddy Friedman & Pat Shannon               Phil Russell & Fred Bowser

Memorial Cup final Results – After 5 months and many close matches, (4) Teams were crowned as Champions.
Last week in the 
Nicklaus – Winners Bracket Finals, Feinberg/Cohen won 2up over Stevens/Schwoerer.
In the Nicklaus Consolation Bracket, Bowser/Russell beat Slobodian/Denson in 21 holes.

4/6 – Palmer Consolation
 Bracket Finals – With Boysen/LePage playing tough, they couldn’t match Pat Shannon’s (71). When Pat missed a shot, Buddy Friedman made his. Shannon/Friedman beat Boysen/LePage (4 & 3).

The Palmer Winners Bracket match was exciting (Kliewer/Lennon vs Payne/Bill Jensen) – Followed by many golf carts and (4) lead changes thru 14 holes, Bob Payne knocks in a 30′ birdie putt on the (par 5) 15th hole. 30 seconds later, Paul Kliewer lines up his 20 footer and drains it to tie the hole! They go to the 16th hole with the match still even. All (4) players hit long straight drives down the left side of the fairway. Gary Lennon knocks his iron shot close to the blue flag hole and birdies it to go 1 up! Hole 17 (par 3) – both Kliewer & Lennon hit the green on their tee shots.  With Payne in trouble, Bill Jensen chipped onto the green. He needed to par the hole to go to the 18th but he missed the putt for a bogie!  Kliewer/Lennon both parred & win the match 2 & 1).

Stevens, Schwoerer, Feinberg & Cohen

Finals from 2020-2021 Season Below – click the Brackets: