Next up:
Couples Tournament – March 7th. (Entries open Feb 15th – March 2nd)
The ’45’ – March 14-16th – Sold Out!

Ongoing – Memorial Cup Matches – Round 3 is underway & must be finished by (Feb 29th)
Palmer Flight – 
Consolation Bracket Semi-Finals
Poling/R. Russell over Sholdar/Pollack (6 & 5)

Cohen/Boysen take 21 holes to knock out Shannon/Blakeley
Alway/Ortega (quietly moving along) beat Machlis/Gunder (5 & 4)

Palmer Flight – Winners Bracket Semi-Finals
Bill/Irwin take out tough competitors John Sheldon/Matt Henderson in 20 holes (1 up)

Nicklaus Bracket Consolation Bracket Semi-Finals 
Walz/Mullarky ride hot Johnny Walz putter to edge Feinberg/Munoz (3 & 2)

Nicklaus Flight Winners Bracket Semi-Finals
Jackson/Clancy over Dylke/Cote (3 & 2)

Palm Valley Rule on “Immovable Obstructions”:
PV Immovable Obstructions are 150 yard rocks, Cart Paths, Wooden walkways, Bushes surrounding electrical boxes, Drains & Grates!
Rule – Nearest point of Relief with No Penalty = (stance & swing + 1 club length)
Note: Relief “does not include line of sight”.