Club Championships History


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Course Records:
Championship Course Blue Tees = 64 (Cory Bacon – 11/27/21)
Challenge Course Blue Tees = 58 (Dane Bagnell – 1/7/23)

The PVCC Men’s Club was started in 1985 and hosted the our 1st Club Championship.
The Senior Club Championship was added in 1987.
The Challenge Course Championship was added in 2001.
The Super Senior Championship was added in 2016.

The Club Championship has been won (6) times by Don Gessel. Second is Mark Dupont with (4).
The Senior Club Championship has been won (6) times by Don Gessel.
The Open Club Championship has been won (1) time by Charley Gage.

The Challenge Course Championship has been won (3) times by Bill Tompkins and (2) times by Dane Bagnell, Don Gessel, Al Slocum, Fred Erickson and Buddy Friedman
The Super Senior Club Championship has been won once by Gary Fox, Sam Winett, Jack Turner, Ken Bouldin, Don Gessel and Bill Sonnenberg.

The Major Tournament overall leaders of wins:
1/ (15) Majors – Don Gessel (6 Club, 6 Senior, 2 Challenge, 1 Super Senior)
2/ (5) Majors – Dane Bagnell (3 Club, 2 Challenge), John Empey (3 Club, 2 Senior),
Al Slocum (1 Club, 2 Senior, 2 Challenge) and John Guenther (3 Club, 2 Senior)

3/ (4) Majors – Buddy Friedman (2 Challenge and 2 Senior) and Mark Dupont (4 Club)

2024Dane Bagnell
2023Dane Bagnell
2022Dane Bagnell
2021Bryan Stahl
2020Not Played
2019John Empey
2018John Empey
2017Don Gessel
2016John Empey
2015Don Gessel
2014Don Gessel
2013Don Gessel
2012Don Gessel
2011Al Slocum
2010Tom Schorling
2009Don Gessel
2008Mark Dupont
2007Mark Dupont
2006Mark Dupont
2005Mark Dupont
2004Jim Hill
2003Jay Corbett
2002Jim Hill
2001John Wunder Jr
2000Clark Corbett
1999Jack Maher
1998John Guenther
1997John Guenther
1996John Guenther
1995Lorin Augustine
1994Stuart Davis
1993Rick Stegelvik
1992Tim Stegelvik
1991Mark Manion
1990Butch Zissos
1989Tim Stegelvik
1988Robert Williams
1987Randy Reznicek
1986Randy Reznicek
1985Andrew Gold
2024Dane Bagnell
2023Dane Bagnell
2022Bill Tompkins
2021Bill Tompkins
2020Bill Tompkins
2019Jake Kasel
2018Buddy Friedman
2017Don Gessel
2016Gary Spinetti
2015Al Slocum
2014Al Slocum
2013Buddy Friedman
2012Lyle Andrade
2011Tom Schorling
2010Fred Erickson
2009Fred Erickson
2008Terry Deleo
2007Butch Hiller
2006Troy Scott
2005Mark Turner
2004Don Gessel
2003Jim Hill
2002Bob Woods
2001Jim Chase
2024John Empey
2023Pat Shannon
2022John Empey
2021Not Played
2020Not Played
2019Gary Spinetti
2018Mickey Sholdar
2017Buddy Friedman
2016Al Slocum
2015Don Gessel
2014Don Gessel
2013Don Gessel
2012Buddy Friedman
2011Al Slocum
2010Don Gessel
2009Fred Erickson
2008Ken Stone
2007Terry Deleo
2006Don Gessel
2005Jim Hill
2004Bob Pollack
2003Don Gessel
2002Ken Stone
2001Bob Runyan
2000Jerry Myers
1999Gil Martinez
1998John Guenther
1997Tom Fulcher
1996John Guenther
1995Keith Welchlin
1994Bill Price
1993Earl McLeod
1992Keith Welchlin
1991Earl McLeod
1990Gil Martinez
1989Bill Chanesian
1987Wes Pierce
Super SrMember
2024Gary Fox
2023Bill Sonnenberg
2022Don Gessel
2021Not Played
2020Not Played
2019Not Played
2018Ken Bouldin
2017Jack Turner
2016Sam Winett