Men’s Club Members:

The Handicap Committee monitors your posting habits on a regular basis but it is very time consuming,first checking to see if you posted correctly or at all and second trying to read the score cards you put in the boxes in the pro shop or front desk at the club house.

Below are 2 score cards, the first is one we see way too often, the second is one we see to few of. It is the correct way to complete your card. Last name, first name or initial, correct score, scorers name, attest name and really important the DATE. Could you PLEASE HELP US!

It is EXTREMELY important that you post all your scores. If you don’t post we will post a 72 for you and starting next year we are considering restricting regular non posters from playing in events and tournaments.

For most of you this is not a problem but for a few you need to make a greater effort.

Thank you,

Larry Maw – Handicap Chairman

PVCC Men’s Club Board

1/27/23 – Handicap Policy Changes 

Handicap Committee Policies:

1.     All rounds must be posted to GHIN by midnight on the day a round is played!

2.     The Handicap Committee is charged with ensuring that each member’s handicap index accurately reflects his demonstrated scoring ability. In order to accomplish that goal, the Committee must be certain that a member records each postable round on an accurate and timely basis.

a.     If, after investigation, the Handicap Committee finds that a Member has been repeatedly violating the above score posting requirement (without valid reasons) the Handicap Committee may issue a Penalty Score(s) equal to the lowest score of the Member’s last 20 posted rounds.

i.             The Member will be informed of the Committee’s decision

ii.            The Member will have 72 hours to submit a written appeal to the Committee

iii.         The decisions of the Handicap Committee shall be final. 

b.     If the above Member repeatedly fails to comply with the Score Posting requirement under Section 1 above, the Committee may take additional disciplinary actions’ including withdrawing the Member’s handicap index, adjusting the Member’s handicap for a specific event, or disqualifying the member from future events.

i.             The Member will be informed of the Committee’s decision

ii.            The Member will have 72 hours to submit a written appeal to the Committee

iii.         The decisions of the Handicap Committee shall be final. 


To: PVCC Men’s Club Members
From: Larry Maw – Handicap Committee Chair

Dear Members, I apologize for taking more of your time, but I must correct something I said to you in the October 1st, Handicap Committee Email, in which I wrote:  

     “If you are playing a late day non-postable practice round or instructional round with your significant other, or if you are playing by yourself, there is no reason for you to have your name on the Tee Sheet. Or, if you’re on the Tee Sheet, call the proshop and ask them to remove your name from the Tee Sheet when you’re finished.”

The above does not work here at PVCC. Malia and our Pro Shop personnel must keep, per American Golf, as accurate an accounting as possible of all the players who are on our golf courses for any reason. So, if your play yields an “Unacceptable Score” for posting, please leave your name on the Tee sheet. When reviewing your posting the Handicap Committee will handle these scores with the individual member.

An “Unacceptable Score” is when:

  • You’re playing by yourself
  • You’re not playing by The Rules of Golf. i.e. a practice round or an instructional round.
  • You haven’t played enough holes to post (a minimum of 14 holes for an 18 hole posting or 7 holes for a 9 hole posting.)

Thanks, and sorry for the confusion.

Handicap Chairman

9/1/21: Email was sent to all members!

This is the first of 3 emails you will receive before our 2021-2022 Tournament season begins. 

Last season: 
● The SCGA and USGA adopted the new World Handicap System (WHS)
● PVCC Men’s Club score posting procedures suffered due to the Pandemic

● PVCC Men’s Club Handicap Penalty Procedures were suspended 

How the World Handicap System affects you:
● You must post your scores the day you play – before midnight local time – the SCGA computer system updates overnight and gives you a fresh GHIN calculation the next morning
● Your best 8 scores out of your last 20 scores determine your GHIN
● ESC (Equitable Stroke Control) has been replaced by Net Double Bogey This is from the SCGA/USGA Rules of Handicapping 

A Player is expected to: 
1. Act with integrity, follow The Rules of Handicapping(ROH), and refrain from using or circumventing the ROH for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage.
2. Attempt to make the best score possible at each hole
3. Submit acceptable scores for handicap purposes as soon as possible after the round is completed & before midnight local time
4. Submit acceptable scores to provide evidence of their Demonstrated Ability
5. Play by The Rules of Golf
6. Certify the scores of other Players 

Adhering to #3 above will circumvent 99% of the many Penalties and Adjustments available to your Handicap Committee, which may be applied to your GHIN.

Note: The Handicap Committee never wants to impose any of these penalties!

This is really simple – Just make posting your golf scores a habit as soon as your round is over! 

Subsequent emails will attempt to answer our Member’s questions regarding details of posting and situations we are all confronted with on the golf course and how to properly handle them. So please stay tuned. 

The PVCC Men’s Club Board of Directors has just completed streamlining and clarifying our Penalty Issuing Policy.
The new policy is available at http://www.pvccmensclub.com
Handicap Header

In closing, please know your PVCC Men’s Club Board and Committees are planning on making next season our best yet.



Last month’s email stressed the posting of scores, timely (same day you played) and accurately.

Any active member can use the same tool your Handicap Committee uses, on ForeTees, which gives the first indication of whether a fellow member is posting correctly or not.

  • Sign on to ForeTees and the top menu bar, Hi-Light ‘Handicaps’ and click on ‘View Handicaps and Scores’. Then click on ‘Peer Review Reports’. ●
  • Enter your name, or any fellow member’s name, and you will see what the Handicap Committee sees. How many times a member has posted out of his last 20 times his name was on the PVCC Tee Sheet. ForeTees syncs up your GHIN score posting with your appearance on the PVCC Tee Sheet.


  • When you post to GHIN:
    • If you CANNOT, or forget to post the same day you played, when you finally do post, CHANGE THE DATE TO THE DAY YOU PLAYED! Don’t use the date you’re posting for yesterday’s round.
    • If you play the Masters Tees one day and the Whites the next, etc., you must change the tees when you post. The default tees are the last tees you played, not the tees you played today!
    • Please post all rounds played at PVCC as “HOME” rounds. 
      • Even if you are a member of another club back north, the SCGA allows Seasonal Players to use their Desert course as their “HOME” course during the season. If you post PVCC rounds as “AWAY” those rounds will NOT SYNC with the PVCC ForeTees system.
  • When you sign up on ForeTees
    • If you know you’re only going to play 9 holes, sign up for 9 holes. There is a little box on the screen when you make your tee time – check it. If you sign up for 18 holes, and only post 9 holes, the score will not sync with the Tee Sheet.
    • If you are playing a late day non-postable practice round or instructional round with your significant other, or if you are playing by yourself, there is no reason for you to have your name on the Tee Sheet. Or, if you’re on the Tee Sheet, call the proshop and ask them to remove your name from the Tee Sheet when you’re finished.

If you do the above, you will increase the accuracy of your postings and you will increase your percentage of postable rounds to be more in line with the Men’s Club average.  


A large share of our Men’s Club Tournaments and many of our daily and weekly “games” are Best Ball events and games. And part of our club culture puts an emphasis on pace of play. This leads to a lot of opportunities to “pick up” and to not hole out. Because our partner has won the hole, or because you are out of the hole. And because you don’t want to slow your group down. SO, WHAT SCORE DO YOU PUT ON YOUR SCORECARD?

The USGA/SCGA GHIN system wants you to post your Best Ball rounds and uses the “Most Likely Score” when you don’t hole out.

As simply as possible:

  • When you pick up within 5 feet of the hole, add one stroke to what you lie.
  • When you pick up between 5 feet and 20 yards (60 feet) from the hole, add 2 – 3 strokes to what you lie.
    • A simple guide: if you’re on the green, within 20 yards, and you pick up, add 2 strokes.
    • If you’re chipping within 20 yards and you pick up, you can add 3 strokes. The USGA says when you’re between 5 feet and 20 yards, and you pick up, whether you add 2 or 3 strokes depends on the position of the ball, the difficulty of the green and the ability of the player.


If you know what Net Double Bogey is, and how it replaced ESC or Equitable Stroke Control on January 1st 2019, then please read no further. If you don’t know, in order to post correctly, no matter what your Handicap is, then read this short explanation.

The now defunct ESC and the new Net Double Bogey both have the same purpose – to control the upward movement of a player’s GHIN when he has a few really bad holes per round. If the gross score on these horrendous holes wasn’t limited, a player’s GHIN would go sky high, and he’d be getting too many “POPS” and he’d be close to unbeatable in Best Ball competitions which are the majority of the competitions. So now, a Net Double Bogey is the highest score anyone at any Handicap can take on any one hole.


Remember, the score limiting Net Double Bogey only applies when you make a Triple bogey or worse.

Let’s use Par 4’s as the example.

  • If it is not a stroke hole for you, Net Par is 4, Net Double Bogey is 6 – if you make a 7 or higher you post a 6 
  • If you get a stroke on the Par 4, Net Par becomes 5, the max Net Double Bogey is 7 – if you make an 8 or higher, you must post a 7.
  • If your GHIN and Course Handicap are high enough to receive 2 handicap strokes on a Par 4, then Net Par becomes 6 and Net Double Bogey becomes 8. If you make a 9 or higher you must post 8.

Do the math for Par 3’s and Par 5’s.

At the end of a round, look at your scorecard and where you may have had a triple bogey or a quad or more, reduce your gross score on any hole you scored higher than a Net Double Bogey and that new adjusted score is the score that you post. If, as many of us do, you post your score by hole on GHIN, the GHIN system will make the calculation for you.

I hope you all find the above helpful. Our goal is to get as many of our PVCC Men’s Club Members on the same page with posting and Rules and Handicap so 2021-2022 will be our best season yet. If you have any questions, please reach out.

Gary Lennon, Handicap Committee Chair – http://glnorthof65@gmail.com

Thank you, 

Larry Maw – PVCC Men’s Club Handicap Chair