2021 Team Play

3/23/21 – A fond farewell to former Captain Paul Schoenhals who stepped down this year.
The golf bag Paul is holding has the emblem “Captain Forever” stitched on the bottom.

Schoenhals, Paul cropped

The new Team Play Committee ( TPC ) unanimously approved Gary Fox as Captain and Pat Shannon as Co-Captain.

The TPC and the Captains discussed the general format of the new World Handicap System. It was agreed that we will encourage all Palm Valley Team players to post their scores immediately after each round played. This should prevent any handicap problems with the Desert League. Gary and Pat will find out how the Desert League will handle the handicap to be used for each match.

The committee also selected the new shirts and have requested Malia order immediately so they are available for the first match on January 6th 2020.

The exempt players for the 2020 Team are – Brent Kerslake, Mickey Sholdar, Drew Copley, Bill Jensen, John Empey, Paul Schoenhals, Keith Morris, Kurt Larsen, Ted Wilson, Ken Schwoerer.

Additional players will be selected from the tryouts scheduled for December 12th and from last years results. Paul and Gary will be making those selections by approximately December 20th. They will limit the total number of players to 24 for the upcoming season.

Game/Payouts – the game and player buy-in will remain the same as the two previous year. Each player will contribute $15 and the top three teams based on team points earned during that days matches will receive payouts of 1st – $70, 2nd – $40, and 3rd – $30 per team. The remaining $ 100 will go to team refreshments at the team meeting held at Palm Valley. All payouts will take place at the team meeting.