2021-2022 Team Play

3/23/21 – A fond farewell to former Captain Paul Schoenhals who stepped down this year.
The golf bag Paul is holding has the emblem “Captain Forever” stitched on the bottom.

Schoenhals, Paul cropped

The new Team Play Committee ( TPC ) unanimously approved Gary Fox as Captain and Pat Shannon as Co-Captain.
Kevin Kellerman will act as the Intermediary representative to the Men’s Club Board.

The TPC and the Captains discussed the general format of the new World Handicap System. It was agreed that we will encourage all Palm Valley Team players to post their scores immediately after each round played. This should prevent any handicap problems with the Desert League. Gary and Pat will find out how the Desert League will handle the handicap to be used for each match.

The exempt players for the 2022 Team have yet to be determined.

Additional players will be selected from the tryouts scheduled for December. Gary and Pat will be making those selections in December. They will limit the total number of players to 24 for the upcoming season.

Hello Team PV,
Hope this update finds all healthy and playing a lot of good golf.

Below is the 2022 Desert League schedule:

These dates are solid as of July, 2021. This schedule will show where we play and who the opponent is that date.
The PVCC team will meet in December at the club & all questions will be answered.

The 2022 schedule is below. These dates may change due to unforeseeable circumstances.
New team Play updates will be listed  on the Home Page with refence to this section.
We hope these dates below will help your arrival planning and departure dates for the 2022 season in the desert:

Jan.19 @ Mountain View CC
The Springs CC

Jan.31 @ The “S” CC
The Lakes CC

Feb. 2 @ The Lakes CC
Indian Wells CC

Feb.  7 @ Monterey CC
Mountain View CC

Feb.16 @ The Springs CC
The “S” CC

Mar.11 @PGA West
Monterey CC

Mar.25 @ Indian Wells CC
Mission Hills CC

Mar.30 @ The Lakes CC
PGA West

Play Off first week of April