Men’s Club Policies


All previous policies and amendments are hereby void effective August 29, 2021, except for the following policies that will remain in effect until such time as they are amended or rescinded by the Board.

Tournament Policies:
   1/ To be eligible to play in an event a member must be fully registered – including payment of dues – no later than the close of                registration for that event.
2/ In addition to the above, to be eligible to play for the Men’s Club Championship, a member must have played a minimum of            (2) Men’s Club events in the current season.
3/ Members may register and play all Men’s Club Events from any Tee Box available for the event.
a) For multiple day events – once a player has registered and selected a Tee Box  he must play all rounds from that same Tee                  Box.
4/ For all 2-man events there is a 10 stroke maximum differential between team members’ handicap indices.
5/ I
neligibility for Men’s Club Events:
    1. The 5-year ineligibility rule (see Section 3.2 of the By-Laws) will apply to all non-members who might otherwise be                               permitted to participate in a Men’s Club golf tournament.

Handicap Policies – 9/29/21 – moved to Header titled “Handicap”! 

45 Grandfathering A Member will be grandfathered into the current season’s 45 if he meets any of the following criteria:                 1. Was the prior season’s 45 winner
2. Is
the Chairman of the 45 Committee
3. P
articipated in 4 of the prior 5 45’s
4. I
s the current Men’s Club President

Hole-In-One – A Member in good standing is eligible for a $100 award and a plaque if he meets all of the following criteria:
   1. Scores a hole-in-one on either the Championship or Challenge Course at PVCC
   2. First shot only – no mulligans, breakfast balls or third shot in case the tee shot was lost or out-of-bounds
Must be witnessed by another player
4. M
ust complete and submit the Hole-In-One form (available in the Pro Shop)
5. M
ust immediately complete and turn into the Pro Shop a legible, signed scorecard immediately after completion of the round
6. M
ust post the round in the GHIN system
7. I
n the event of any dispute, the decision of the Board is final

   The intent of the MailChimp program is to provide a means to disseminate information relevant to membership in the Men’s         Club. Such items include (authorized senders indicated in parentheses):
Men’s Club events (Tournament Chairman or his designee)
2. D
eaths of members and their spouses/significant others (President)
3. O
ther PVCC golf events (Secretary or Membership Chairman)
4. T
5. S
uper Bowl
6. Ma

Honorary Member Activities:
1. A
n Honorary Member must be a former Men’s Club Member in good standing who has permanently “retired” from golf.  He           must submit his request for Honorary Member status to the Membership Chairman by letter or email.  No dues will be                      collected from Honorary Members, but the Honorary Members and their spouses are invited to attend after-golf functions              (and participate in raffles (if any) if they pay the cost of those meals.
   2. The Board reserves the right to rescind Honorary Membership status for due cause at any time.