All matches from White and Silver tees. If you have been approved to play from the Silver Tees during the season, you may play from the Silver Tees in the Memorial Partners’ Cup. Once you start the tournament, you must remain on your chosen tee.  If you start on the Silver, you must continue on the Silver. If you start on the White tee, you must continue on the White tee. The New World Handicap System applies to this tournament for White and Silver Tee players. Per USGA guidelines, the lowest handicap player in each foursome will play to scratch.

Each team is guaranteed at least two matches. If you win your first match you move into the winners bracket and continue to play until you lose and you’re out. If you lose your first match, you move into the consolation bracket where you play until you lose and you’re out.

There is a maximum 10 stroke handicap index difference rule in effect for each team. Adjust higher handicapper down. Your handicap may go up or down but never above your November 15 number.

Each month’s match will be handicapped as follows:

● 1st Match   (12/1/20 – 1/10/21) – November 15 handicap
● 2nd Match (1/11/21 – 2/7/21) – January 1 handicap
● 3rd Match  (2/8/21 – 2/2/28) – February 1 handicap
● 4th Match  (3/1/21 – 3/21/21) – March 1 handicap
● 5th Match  (3/22/21 – 4/11/21) – March 1 handicap

Teams should contact their opponents to schedule all matches – make your own tee times. The Pro Shop will allow for advanced Tee Times if made through them.  You should pick up your official scorecards in the Pro Shop. Please use only the scorecards from the Pro Shop to record all matches – and turn in 1 completed scorecard (signed by both teams) to the Pro Shop at the conclusion of each match. Do not post these match scores on GHIN. In case of a dispute, play a second ball and check with the Pro Shop for a resolution.
Substitutes are allowed in first 2 rounds only – and only for verified medical or availability issues. Substitutes must be approved in advance by the Tournament Committee and must be:

Members of the Men’s Club
Not be a player from the same bracket
No player can substitute more than 2 times

White and Silver Tee Players can substitute for each other as long as the handicap differential of the sub is (+/- 5).
Contact Bob Payne (408-568-1735) or Fred Bowser (206-399-2528) if you have questions or are having problems scheduling your match. A coin toss may decide the winner. Payouts are listed on the pairings sheets.