Team Play Committee

Mission Statement and Goals of Team Play Committee

The Palm Valley Men’s Team Play Committee ( TPC ) shall promote actions toward fulfilling the following objectives: 

  • Field a competitive team comprised of players from the Palm Valley Country Club ( PVCC ) Men’s Club to play in the Desert Team Play Golf League ( Team Play )
  • Provide equal access for all PVCC Men’s Club players with a handicap index of 16.0 or less to qualify for play on the team.
  • Maintain a liaison with the PVCC Men’s Board of Directors

 Committee Makeup

 The TPC will be made up of  five (5) players from top (10) individual points producers during the previous years Team Play plus if not already included in the top five, the reigning PVCC Club Champion and the current Team Captain and Assistant Captain.

 Duties of the TPC 

  • Select the Team Play uniforms for the upcoming season
  • Elect the Team Captain and approve the choice of Assistant Captain for the upcoming season
  • Review and update as required the Player Selection Process ( See Attached ) for determining the players who will play in the scheduled matches.
  • Coordinate and participate during the days when Palm Valley is scheduled to host Team Play.
  • Hear and resolve any disputes/matters regarding play or player selection relating to play in the Desert Team Golf League

Communicate as required with the PVCC Men’s Club players regarding signup and qualification for Team Play 

Player Selection 

The TPC will post a signup sheet in the Men’s locker room and a notice on the PVCC Men’s Website, so PVCC Men’s Club Players can signup for team play. The PVCC Team will consist of a maximum of 24 players (Player Pool) for the upcoming season, the top (10) players, based on individual points scored, during the previous years Team Play will be fully exempt for the upcoming season. If not already included the PVCC Club Champion, Team Captain and Assistant Captain will also be fully exempt. In the event that more than required number of  additional players signup then there will be a qualification process to determine the additional players that would makeup the 24 players for the upcoming season. As part of the process to determine the additional players the Team Captain and his Assistant , at their sole discretion will be allowed 2 independent captain picks. All of these 24 players are required to buy the team uniform and make themselves available to play in the scheduled match if chosen. The Team Captain and the Assistant Captain will select sixteen (16) players from the Player Pool to play in the scheduled matches utilizing the following criteria: 

  • For the first match of the season the team will made up of the 10 exempt players plus 6 captain’s picks from the Player Pool. In the event an exempt player is not available, then the captains will pick another player.
  • In picking the players for the matches the captains will take into account performance both in team play and weekly playing results.
  • After the first match all 16 players will be chosen from the Player Pool based on performance. No exempt players.
  • If not enough players are available from the Player Pool the captains will pick alternates from PVCC Men’s Club Players.
  • The captains will use best efforts to ensure all players in the Player Pool will be chosen to play in a minimum of 2 matches during the season.
  • The Team Captain and Assistant Captain will structure a qualification process to assist in evaluating player performance.