Hole-in-One Policy 2020-2021

The Palm Valley Men’s Club is still sponsoring the same Hole-in-One program that has been there as in years past.
The policy in the Men’s Club By-laws states: 

13.3     Hole-in-One.

A Member that properly validates a Hole-in-One at either Palm Valley Country Club Course is awarded $100 and a framed picture of the hole.  Validation includes the following:

13.3.a. Must be a Men’s Club Member in the current Fiscal year.

13.3.b. First shot only…no “mulligans”

13.3.c.  Must be witnessed by another player.  If the witness is not a Men’s  Club member, only the plaque will be given.

13.3.d. Must complete the Hole-in-One form.

13.3.e.  Scorecard must be legibly completed with legible signatures.

13.3.f.  Must post the score in the GHIN system.

13.3.g. Scorecard must be turned into the Pro-shop immediately upon completion of the round.

13.3.h. In the event of any dispute, the decision of The Board is final.

In addition, the Palm Valley Country Club is also sponsoring a Hole-In-One Program.  All Golfing Members will be added to the Hole in One Club and will be charged $3.00 per member on their September statement. If a member wishes to opt out of the program at any time, they may do so by contacting Malia Folquet (Director of Golf) at (760) 345-2742 or by emailing her at Golfpro@palmvalley-cc.com. The Hole in One Club will be in effect November 1, 2020 and run through May 31, 2021.

Any time a Hole in One Club Member makes a hole in one at Palm Valley Country Club with at least one other Member present, all members in the Hole in One Club will be entitled to one drink from the Lounge. A Hole in One Flag will be hung from the deck off of the Lounge to denote there has been a hole in one. The bar tab will remain open until 6:00 PM of that day.  Of course, word of mouth travels fastest… so tell your friends!

The Member who achieves the Hole in One will win up to $450 golf shop credit, will have their bar tab paid for the day, and a plaque will be engraved to celebrate the achievement.  The actual amount of credit will be based on the number of Members in the Hole in One Club.  Each Member of the Club will be billed $3.00 after a Hole in One is made to replenish the fund.

Palm Valley Country Club Hole in One Club

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Do I have to join the HIO club?
Answer: No! Everyone has the right to say they do not want to participate.

2. How do I “opt out” (or say I don’t want to participate and don’t want to be charged)?
Answer: Please contact Malia Folquet (Director of Golf) at 760.345.2742 or by email at Golfpro@palmvalley-cc.com.

3. How much will this cost me for the season?
Answer: There will be a $3.00 charge to your account for every HIO by a club member. With both men and ladies participating on both courses, it is estimated there could be 2 to 3 a month.

4. If I join, can I leave if I don’t like it? How?
Answer: Yes, you can leave (opt out) at any time – but billings are monthly so you must notify the club by email Golfpro@palmvalley-cc.com prior to the end of the month proceeding the month you wish to leave.

 5. If I opt out, when can I get back in?
Answer: At the beginning of the next season: Nov. 1 of the following year.

6. How do I know if there has been a HIO?
Answer: A new HIO flag will be hung off the club lounge and word of mouth will travel fast!

7. What if I miss my drink on the day of the HIO. Can I get it the next day?
Answer: No! The bar tab will stay open until 6:00 pm the night of the HIO.

8. Can a new member opt into the HIO program during mid-season?
Answer: Yes! Just notify the Pro Shop and let them know you would like to participate.

9. What if I get a HIO outside the “season” – like from June – October – can I still get a drink, plaque and credit?
Answer: No, The HIO program is active “in season” only–from Nov.1-May 31 each year.

10. Does American Golf or PVCC make any money off of this program?
Answer: No! Although they will benefit from the added business in the bar and pro shop, they are also taking on all the effort of running the program for the club.

11. What happens if there is money left over after the bar bill, plaque and credit in the pro shop are paid?
Answer: At the end of the season, any money left in the fund will be divided up – as pro shop credit – among all the members who got the holes in one for the season.

12. What happens if there is less money collected than needed to fund the program?
Answer: Most clubs have some type of HIO program similar to this and history has shown that they are very well-funded. If for some reason we don’t get enough participation, the club reserves the right to adjust the program.

13. Do I have to announce every year if I am going to opt in or opt out of this HIO program?
Answer: No! The club will keep track of who is in and who is out and bill accordingly. Any new golf members need to declare with the club what their preference is.