Silver Tee…Approved List

New Silver Tee Policy changes for 2020-2021 season:

Handicap Committee
  1. Silver Tees eligibility (modified by the B.O.D for 2020-2021 season)
    1. The “90 rule” has been abandoned.
    2. Each member may decide on an event-by-event basis which Tee Box he wants to play from.
    3. Any Tournament Player may play from the Tee Box (White or Silver) of their choice with (2) restrictions:
      1. When they register for a tournament they must state which Tee Box.
      2. Once a Tee Box is declared, the player may not change his Tee Box selection during a tournament.

Below is the old Silver Tees Policy:

The Men’s Club supports the Play-it-Forward concept.  This means you may choose to play anytime from the Silver Tees.  However, for Men’s Club official events, you must be “pre-approved” by the Handicap Committee to play from the Silver Tees.  The Handicap Committee will consider two qualifications for Silver Tee approval:  

1)  A player must have a combination of handicap off the white tees plus their age equal to or greater than 90 (As revised & approved by the Men’s Club Board on Nov. 12, 2013).  As an example, John is 72 with a white tee handicap of 18.  His total is 90. Therefore he qualifies.  

2) Circumstance(s) that limits a player from being able to swing a golf club, and, is due to a medical or physical condition.  

The player must request approval from the Handicap Committee.  The Handicap Committee shall have the authority to reassess the player’s status at any time.  

Alexander, Gary
Altman, Hal
Andersen, Harry
Anderson, Bob
Anderson, Chuck
Appel, Steven
Arlotta, Tony
Axelrod, Stuart
Baruh, Barry
Beffa, Tom
Bija, Chuck
Bloom, Jim
Bloskey, Terry
Boschetti, Vince
Bouldin, Ken
Bowser, Fred
Brown, Dennis
Browning, Pete
Brustkern, Steve
Burke, Jim
Carlson, Galen
Carson, Tom
Caskey, Lon
Casmer, Dennis
Clancy, Harry
Coulter, Art
Cuccia, Vic
Denson, Allen
Desantis, Dan
Devries, Roger
Didonato, Henry
Dobbins, Bill
Donaldson, Bob
Donovan, Pete
Fedak, Andrew
Fogle, Jim
Foran, Steve
Gilbert, Rich
Gorman, Robert
Grenon, Lou
Hahn, Daril

Hoffman, Al
Howiler, Walt
Jensen, Jim
Johnson, Dave
Jones, Robert
Kaplan, Howard
Keast, Brian
Kincade, Ron
Kirkley, Bill
Kootman, Jerry
Kotrapu, Niran
Kowalishin, Bob
Kraus, Ed
Landefeld, Bill
Lear, Bill
Machlis, Neil
Manspeaker, Jewell
Marchewka, Andy
Maw, Larry
McConnell, Brian
McKune, Frank
McManus, Brian
Meola, Mario
Miller, John
Morishita, Allen
Motloch, David
Musilli, Ed
Neft, Jerry
Niehaus, Tom
Norton, David
Ochsner, Chuck
Palozzi, John
Patterson, Dave
Pauley, Reid
Pearlman, Kieve
Pentz, Terry
Pollack, Bob
Prochnow, Lee
Rathell, Physed

Richter, Rick
Rizza, Dennis
Rochford, Jerry
Rosenbloom, Stan
Russell, Phil
Rutledge, Frank
Schacht, Walter
Schneider, Tom
Schwoerer, Ken
Shady, Mike
Shankland, Jim
Siegel, Marvin
Silverman, Bill
Slobodian, Bud
Slocum, Al (Temp)
Smith, Sheldon
Smith, Tom
Sobel, Martin
Speliopoulos, Nick
Stand, Bob
Swartz, Mike
Sweeden, Larry
Tann, Bill
Thacker, Lanny
Tucker, Ken
Tucker, Mike
Vogt, Jerry
Walker, Mike
Washburn, Jack
Webster, Bill
Welling, Peter
Wells, Tom
Whitemyer, Jan
Whitmore, Jack
Widmer, Bill
Wilson, Ted
Winett, Sam
Wipf, Rick
Wise, Larry
Woods, Bob
Yaukey, John