Silver Tee Requirements

The Men’s Club supports the Play-it-Forward concept.  You may play anytime you choose from the Silver Tees.  However, for Men’s Club official events, you must be pre-approved by the Handicap Committee to play from the Silver Tees.  The Handicap Committee will consider two qualifications for Silver Tee approval:  

1)  A player must have  a combination of handicap off the white tees plus their age equal to or greater than 90 (As revised & approved by the Men’s Club Board on Nov. 12, 2013).  As an example, John is 72 with a white tee handicap of 18.  His total is 90, therefore, he qualifies.  

2) Circumstance(s) that limits a player from being able to swing a golf club, and, is due to a medical or physical condition.  

The player must request approval from the Handicap Committee.  The Handicap Committee shall have the authority to reassess the player’s status at any time.